The Napa Valley Experience

Hello. I am Diane. Let me be your guide as you enjoy a NapaYour Congenial Concierge Valley experience that only someone with my knowlege and connections can give you.



Lodging & Private Concierge Services

My private concierge services assist individuals visiting the valley for the first or umpteenth time

You do not have to be a wine savvy visitor to enjoy what the Napa Valley has to offer. If you are a first-time visitor, your interests and needs will be different than the guest who has visited the valley for years. It is my pleasure to assist you in finding the best tour offering basic wine education or to guide you to some of the most historic properties of our valley.

If you are interested in architecture, you will most likely wish to visit those venues offering a myriad of the architectural history that abounds in this region.

No matter how many times you have visited the Napa Valley, there is always something new to discover. For the experienced and wine collectors, there are hidden gems not open to the public. With so many years here in the valley, I am often able to assist in arranging tours and tasting with the vintners themselves at their private home, hill top, back porch or ranch.

These properties are not open to the general public, and these wines, available directly from the vintners, are not sold in shops or offered in restaurants. These are boutique or cult wineries with limited production.

Food and wine parings at the above locations or a private lunch at one of these venues is also something that I can arrange. Give me your wish list, and it becomes my mission to reach out to my hospitality friends and associates and arrange the visit that will make your trip unique and celebratory.

Based on your budget and rooming needs, I will contact my fellow lodging professionals and find you the type of lodging that best meets your individual needs.

Some visitors are most comfortable with full-service hotels, while there are those of you who look forward to a quaint B & B or rural country inn. In order for you to get away, you may require WiFi, so this may be a “must”on your list. Or do you want to get away from the TV and technology? There are lodgings who will fit this need perfectly. A swimming pool, work-out room, or the best breakfast in town? Tell me what will make your visit special, and I will contact the appropriate properties on your behalf.

Each guest request is treated with respect — my goal is to efficiently locate just the right place for you to enjoy your stay.

I pride myself on working with and referring guests only to those properties I have personally inspected and reviewed, where I have confidence that my guests will be provided with the best possible experience.

In addition, I manage several private vacation rental homes and vineyard cottages in the valley. If your preference is to explore this option for anywhere from 2 to 10 persons, I am happy to provide you with details and photographs of the various homes.

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