As each guest or group experience varies, so does pricing for creating your individual itinerary.

My pricing has a unique format, as I believe in “paying it forward” whenever possible. I do not have a minimum fee requirement to assist you and extend to you an hourly rate for my services.

I base my fees on the length of time actually required to prepare an itinerary that fulfills your needs and makes this “your trip,” not the trip that I think should be your experience.

In truth, after one has been continually active in the hospitality business in the Napa Valley for more than 20 years, it does not take hours and hours to prepare an itinerary for a guest . I do not charge my guests for more than the time it actually takes me to plan for your visit. My goal is to extend to you the best possible hospitality service at a professional services cost that fits into your budget. It’s always nice, after all, to have a little extra “fun money” to purchase that special bottle of wine, some of our fabulous artisan food products, or a souvenir for the folks back home.

I am happy to spend as much time with you as you desire. Should you enjoy being spontaneous with plan changes and new idea additions, I will bill you accordingly. I will not, however, bill you for planning chats we have on the phone or your emails of inquiry. Such services are extended as a professional courtesy.

My favorite and trusted lodgings are on speed dial. When you tell me what style of dining you prefer, I know just who to call. If you ask about the Wine Train, I have all of the info at my finger tips and don’t have to spend time researching.

My years of experience in the business and pleasure of hospitality in Napa Valley, allows me to assist you in a timely manner that saves time and your financial resources.
I hope you will not be confused by the fact that my rates may be a bit more “friendly” than those of some of my tourism counterparts. As with fine wine, a higher cost does not always guarantee your best tasting experience. Often, it’s the smaller boutique winery that is your favorite and brings you the most pleasure. Each of us in travel planning here in Napa Valley has something different to offer you.

If I cannot meet your specific needs, I am happy to refer you to one of my travel planning associates in the area.

One of the reasons I originally decided to make the Napa Valley my home was to enjoy the often-forgotten ways folks used to enjoy as they worked and played together. Doing business with just a handshake, paying it forward because it’s the right thing to do and going above and beyond whenever possible, these are the things I value and offer to my guests.

My clients come from many demographics: Folks working 9 to 5, college students, corporate executives, first-time visitors, and Napaphiles as well as members of the Mondavi family.

I invite you to contact me regarding your travel plans to the Napa Valley and to allow me the opportunity to assist you.

As was the case with my bed & breakfast, returning guests and referrals from guests who truly enjoyed their experiences is the best possible advertising a business can enjoy. Below I have shared personal and professional comments from those who have trusted me with their travel plans previously and with whom I have the pleasure of working today.

As an International Planner (another “hat”), I am also available to help you with your European travels.

A few of my other travel, food, wine and hospitality hats are listed in the sidebar.

I look forward to meeting you and offering you the personal hospitality of the Napa Valley.

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